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Discover sailing clothing in special sizes: extra wide, short, wide, long. Perfect fit for every body type. Comfort and style at sea.
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In our Special Sizes category we offer a comprehensive selection of sailing clothing specifically designed to suit every body type. We understand that standard sizes do not always cover the needs of all sailors. That's why we've made it our mission to offer sailing clothing in a variety of custom sizes, including extra wide, extra short, extra wide and extra long.

Our range includes everything from waterproof jackets to breathable trousers, all crafted with the aim of ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement without compromising on style. Whether you're looking for an extra long offshore jacket for extra protection or extra wide trousers for unrestricted freedom of movement, you'll find the right equipment with us.

Each piece of our custom-sized sailing clothing has been designed and manufactured with the utmost care to not only provide optimal fit, but also ensure durability and reliability in the demanding conditions at sea. Using advanced materials that block water and wind while providing breathability, our products are designed to keep you dry and comfortable in any situation.

Discover our diverse selection of sailing clothing in special sizes now and experience the difference that a perfect fit can make. No matter whether you sail professionally or spend your free time on the water, you are always well equipped with our specially tailored clothing. Don't compromise on comfort and style anymore - with us you will find the sailing clothing that is made for you.

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